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Heartiest Congratulations... Greendale School is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi. Affiliation number is 130618. Admissions Open for 2021-22 from Nursery to Grade 9.

Green Initiatives

Think Green

An initiative by Greendale School.

Greendale believes in increasing awareness amongst its students about how contaminated the environment around us is becoming. To preserve what is left and conserve the dwindling non-renewable resources, "Think Green" is one such initiative.

At "Think Green", students join hands and work to create a greener environment in order to make a safer and a better place for the present as well as the future generations.

We Care

An initiative by Greendale School.

"We care" is a community outreach program taken up by Greendale as it believes in inculcating a sense of service to the society in the minds of its students.

This is a platform that incorporates community services and drives our students in assessing and addressing the real needs of their local community and the world around them. Students can truly experience the difference that their actions make to the society.

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