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Heartiest Congratulations... Greendale School is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi. Affiliation number is 130618. Admissions Open for 2021-22 from Nursery to Grade 9.


ART STUDIO (Painting & Sculptor)

A separate painting and sculptor studio has been provided to give opportunity to children to paint on paper, canvas etc. and in addition to painting sculptor studio has also been provided to help children to put there creative thoughts into action. In addition to the arts teacher, senior artists, sculptors who are working as professors and made there presence felt in the world of ART are guiding the children as advisors.


Music studio has been provided creating an opportunity to the children to learn various instruments and also to train children in singing, and dancing. In addition to the regular teachers we have professionals as advisors so that the children can be trained in the right direction.


As there is lot of enthusiasm in children to learn the parts of computer, various gadgets etc., the concept of DIY has been introduced to give an opportunity to every child to open and check the parts in a particular gadget and to fix it back, so that the child is aware of the parts which help the gadget to run. Students are also trained on Robotics which creates a lot of interest in the child to be successful engineers. All precautions are taken so that the child does not hurt himself.

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