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Our dedicated team of teaching staff are more than educators. They take part in building self esteem, instilling moral values, comforting children when they are low and implementing fair standards of discipline. Our teachers are committed to establishing a solid foundation for the youngsters entrusted to our care. At Greendale, we have a diverse group of youngsters from different backgrounds. All our staff are trained to respect every child and his/her background and make their time in school most enjoyable and fruitful.

GREENDALE -The Complete International School Staff Details

Name Designation Qualification Date of Joining Contact Email id
Dr. N.Sharda Reddy Principal MSc. Phd 21.09.2018 9440899515 shardareddydr@gmail.com
Mr. Purnanand Vice Principal MSc 14.11.2019 9849733066 -
Mrs. G.Chitra Jyothsna Academic Co-ordinator MSc 10.06.2019 9440089441 gordon.chitra@gmail.com
Mrs. M.Jyoti sree I-A Teacher B.Sc. B.Ed 01.04.2019 9885211288 jyothisree.v@gmail.com
Mrs. Karimunnisa Begum I-B Teacher B.Com 25.06.2019 9704909562 -
Mrs. K.V.S.Srujana I-C Teacher M.Tech 01.04.2019 9032617001 sagarasrujana.kv@gamil.com
Mrs. Glory Rocksy II-A Teacher M.Sc, B.Ed 01.09.2018 9985200884 gloryrocksy14@gmail.com
Mrs. Sikha Kanungo II-B Teacher M.A, M.Phil in English 01.04.2018 9676932564 daisy_20022003@yahoo.com
Mrs. Dolly Malhotra III-A Teacher B.A 01.10.2018 7995734406 dollymalhotra70@yahoo.com
Mrs. M.Shailaja III-B Teacher M.A English, B.Ed 01.04.2019 9158511888 mukkamalashailaja@gmail.com
Mrs. V.Gnana Prasuna III-C Teacher MA, MHRM, B.Ed 01.04.2019 9290998921 smiley.prasunna@gmail.com
Mrs. Bisma Showkat IV-A Teacher & English M.A English, B.Ed 02.08.2018 9797757197 bssoha@gmail.com
Mrs. K.Pallavi Rao IV-B Teacher & Social B.A, B.Ed 01.04.2019 9560572772 pallavirao1982@gmail.com
Mrs. M.Divya Jyothi V-Teacher & Maths B.Sc. B.Ed 01.04.2019 8341130350 divya18@rediffmail.com
Mrs. G.Tanuja VI-Teacher & Science B.Sc. MDBA, B.Ed. 09.04.2015 9885047584 ravig68@gmail.com
Mrs. Vijaya Kameswari Telugu Teacher Telugu pandit M.A 09.04.2015 9440424681 srinivaskameswari@gmail.com
Mrs. A.Kalpana kumari Hindi Teacher Hindi Pandit B.Ed 05.10.2018 - -
Mrs. L.Sushila Hindi Teacher M.A, B.Ed 21.06.2019 8897297252 sushilarn73@gmail.com
Mrs. M.Mounika Computer Teacher B.Tech (CSE) 01.04.2019 8184816593 mounimulugapu@gmail.com
Mrs. Aruna ART Teacher M.Fine 01.04.2014 9493354009 -
Mrs. Latha das PET B.Ped 01.04.2014 9391286644 katikadevdas70@gmail.com
Mrs. MD.Noorunisa Begum Nursery Teacher - 10.05.2018 8790615241 mdnbegum712@gmail.com
Mrs. Princy Jerusha LKG-A Teacher - 24.07.2019 9632430181 prinpsalms1234@gmail.com
Mrs. P.Divya Durga LKG-B Teacher - 03.07.2019 8184971362 divyamurali2019@gmail.com
Mrs. Sushma Pakki UKG-A Teacher - 05.06.2018 8861716159 sushmap2081@gmail.com
Mrs. Suseela UKG-B Teacher - 18.06.2018 9603831772 suseeladadireddy@gmail.com
Parents Speak

Best Reviews


Greendale is good for my child and me too. She enjoys going to school and my child’s progress is really good. The school takes special care in subjects where she needs upliftment. The efforts taken by her class teacher and all other teachers’ contribution in support and care is really appreciable. We are very happy with her progress in Grade 4. As a parent, I have found that the staff teachers and the management are very much available, friendly and approachable. A big thanks to the teachers and the management, Greendale is truly one of the schools with international standards in Vizag.

Mr. Radha Krishna

Comp. & Networking Solutions
F/O Krishna Kavya (Grade 4)

My son Dakshay joined the Greendale International School almost from the very beginning, right after the inauguration. And settled in from the moment he walked into the school premises He loves his school. The faculty, admin staff and management are all highly capable and experienced in running an educational institution and taking it to heights of excellence.They focus on holistic all-round education There are few schools like Greendale that can boast of a Skating Rink, a large Swimming Pool, Cricket & Basket ball grounds and an art village altogether. Beautiful school with a lot of greens. Overall very pleased with the school and highly recommend it!

M Tanuja

Center Head, HSBC
M/O Dakshay (Grade 7)

Firstly, we would like to congratulate and thank everyone and lovely kids for a very delightful efforts and wonderful experience in school sports day. It was great to see all the kids perform so well with lot of confidence and also making them feel that they are being groomed by the visionary teachers. The way you are making education “FUN WHILE LEARN” speaks volumes about the efforts you do.looking forward for more sports events that really add so much to a kids personality. Thank you!

P. Veerendra

Clients Manager, US Staffing
F/O Jai Smriti (Grade 6)

As a mother as a wife, as a daughter I am always worried that my loved one's are been given best care and are in good and safe hands, mostly in two places that is in hospital and school. Six years with Greendale I don't remember being worried for even a single day. At an younger age learning should be fun and get scope and opportunity of learning as many activities as possible.

Greendale has got all that I thought to give to my child.

Mrs. Pushpa

Home Maker
M/O Raunak (Grade 4b)

Greendale has nurtured our son into a bright, smart and intellectual kid. It has been a great experience to see our son George, growing up with the best educational institution in the city. From his Kindergarten to Class 3, we have had some great success stories to share. George has been one of the class toppers, Gold medalist in the Olympiad, amateur swimmer, skater and budding robotics engineer! He has developed keen interest on space science and constantly amazes us with his science DIY exhibits from the knowledge he grabs from the school. All of this is only possible with the right guidance from the teachers and the good leadership of the school management specially under the guidance of our beloved Chairman Sir, Dr. S. P. Ravindra , who has a great vision for the school and the future of the Greendalers.We are very fortunate to find Greendale International school which transformed into one of the finest schools in the city.

Mrs. Hulda

Site lead, HSBC
M/O George (Grade 3)

Greendale International School has such a wonderful and an excellent infrastructure and seemed lie to be a good balance maintained between academics, sports, games and cultural activities.

Kids are encouraged to participate in various events conducted by the school.

“The school is dedicated to nurturing responsive, motivated and empowering students in the global world“.

S. V. Prasad

F/O Ch. Jacynth (Grade V)

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